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Welcome To Troupe 7971

Upcoming for Thespians:
Next Thespian Meeting
- Thursday, May 30th @ 3:30 - 

Thespian Meetings: Every other Thursday @ 3:30pm in the auditorium 

Click HERE to view our last slides and learn about upcoming events and Thespian Plans!

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What is Thespian Society?

Thespian Society is an international honor society for theatre students that works to provide a strong community for these students to bond and find opportunities to watch, participate in, and enjoy live theatre. Each high school is their own "chapter" that holds meetings, plans and runs events, and takes students to Regional, State, and National Thespian Festivals. 

How to get inducted?

We hold inductions every Winter and Spring. To be inducted, you may have collected 10 Thespian points, which you receive as you participate in theatre events such as performing, technical theatre work, volunteer hours, writing for shows, etc. Each point represents 10 hours of work completed. If you would like to be considered for our next inductions in the Spring, please contact so that we can best help you receive and document your points. 

Need a worksheet to start documenting points? Click HERE
Need to know what all you can do to receive points? Curious about how many points they are worth? Click HERE

How can I get involved?

Come to our meetings! We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month after school in the auditorium. We discuss upcoming opportunities to perform, see shows, volunteer, and participate in theatre. We also have fun themes and play lots of theatre games.

For more info about Regionals, State, and other Oregon Thespian events and deadlines:
Oregon Thespians Website

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Our Mission Statement
West Salem High School Drama Department strives to promote ideals of community, opportunity, and understanding in all our actions as parts of a whole. Building meaningful relationships with one another as well as welcoming newcomers with open arms will allow us to strengthen the foundation of our program. Our goal is to provide various opportunities of service, performance, and enrichment that will enhance our theatre education. Understanding that each student has their own needs, struggles, and strengths is key to sympathizing and being there for our fellow thespians. Upholding these values of community, opportunity, and understanding will help us become upstanding Thespians.

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