We've been hard at work this summer rehearsing our new musical, The Drowsy Chaperone. We are excited to take you behind the scenes as we build our show!
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Meet the Director


Name: Tracy Sabine 

Hometown: Windsor, Ontario Canada

Years at WSHS: 11 years

Can you please share your thought process behind choosing The Drowsy Chaperone? 

To be honest, this was a show brought to my attention by our Choreographer, Zoe Banton. But prior to me asking her what shows she would love to choreograph, our students wanted to tap dance. I try to choose shows that our students are interested in, or based on the talent I am seeing in our classes, both tech and acting. This show has many challenges and that is what I look for in a show. First, what are the students going to learn, both on stage and back stage, then how can this support our community at West and in West Salem. This one checked all of those boxes (Not to mention it is written by Canadians!)

What are you looking forward to the most with this show? 

I am most looking forward to working with these amazing kids, I am so blessed that we are all back sharing what we love. With this show, we get to explore stylistic acting, this is going to be quite a fun opportunity for students to learn how to perform in the style of 1920’s vaudeville.  In terms of the tech portion, nothing is easy about this show, I don’t want to give away any surprises, but I am hoping that our set and lights will really help create the spectacle this show deserves. I am also really looking forward to the collaboration with our staff, Cole Haole-Valenzuela, our Choir director and Ashley Alexander our Jazz Band director.

Difficult as it may be, what is your favorite play and favorite musical?

I will always love Into the Woods, that show inspired me when I was young and any opportunity I have to listen to Sondheim’s music continues to inform why I do what I do…”Children will listen.”

Who are your theater inspirations? 

My high school teachers, Jim Mulvaney and Barb Carlton. I wouldn't be doing what I am without their influence. Their energy, enthusiasm to work with kids and just how much they believed in a bunch of crazy teens.  Their teaching styles and passions were so wonderfully different. They lit a fire in me, they opened doors to a world and a part of me that I didn't know existed, a world that I'm not sure I could live without. 

Have you ever performed in a show? 

I performed in 2 shows in high school. Neil Simon's California Suite and Godspell. I had little experience performing, I had only done it in classes or on top of a picnic table in my friend's backyard. My strength's are not in memorization or public speaking, they are still a fear of mine. In college I explored the tech side of theater and fell in love with set design. 

What do you look for when holding auditions, what is your best advice?

Auditions are a time for students to be themselves and take risks.  I want to see them raw, their inner child. I want to see their strengths and what they may feel are their weaknesses. There is nothing more rewarding than to challenge a student and watch them overcome their fears and have fun while trying something new. There is a part for everyone if you're willing. 

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